Seniors Conference 2015

travis mcleod sc 2015

Travers McLeod gives a keynote address at the seniors Conference 2015.

The COTA 2015 Seniors Conference was a great success.  The feedback from participants was that the keynote addresses were though provoking and people were stimulated to consider the big issues of an ageing population in new and fresh ways.

Travers McLeod, the new CEO of the Centre for Policy Development in his key note address Ageing fast, and Slow? Making an Australia for all ages led to much discussion.
He told the conference:  “There is little doubt ageing will transform populations over the next few decades.  Around the world 69 – 80 and 80 plus populations will grow considerably relative to other age groups. We need to take a longer term view on the trends and challenges that will define this century. So far the public debate in this country had been poor.”

“The key question for us is whether existing policies and institutions are fit to handle what will be a fast demographic shift in a way that fosters longevity? My view is that they are not. So far the public debate in this country had been poor,” Travers said.

“We have the task of managing an unprecedented demographic shift. Our largest blind spot is the state of our democratic institutions and policy making processes. Our engine room of democracy is shackled and it no longer delivers competent future focussed policy,” Travers McLeod said.


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