Seniors Conference 2012


140 older people from all over the state attended COTA Victoria’s 2012 Seniors Conference held on 9th May.

The theme of ‘taking action together’ was explored through presentations by older people and others experienced in advocacy, which generated lively discussion and response.

Later on, groups worked together to develop action plans on specific issues of concern.  These issues included social isolation amongst older people, improving mobility and access to transport, chronic disease and dental health, environmental sustainability, pensions, and many more.  Participants exchanged contact details so that they can work together in the future to further these shared aims.

COTA would like to thank everyone who took part and contributed their experience and passion to the discussions.

Read a summary of the outcomes and action plans from the 2012 conference, or read about individual action plans here;

  1. Self-empowerment for older people and combating disempowerment.
  2. Increasing ethnic group membership and connection with COTA.
  3. Access to residential services for people on a low income.
  4. Increase Green Sages membership for increased sustainability.
  5. Dental health – making it more accessible to people on low incomes.
  6. Improving mobility by improving infrastructure, public transport and activity programs.
  7. Reaching socially isolated older people.
  8. Taking direct action on pensions during the Seniors Festival.
  9. Building a network of older people’s reference groups.
  10. Staff crisis in residential aged care.
  11. Homelessness of older people.
  12. Healthy minds, healthy brains, healthy people.
  13. Grandparents and older people – impact of change in families and caring responsibilities and sandwich generation.
  14. Safe access to public transport for people with disabilities.
  15. Safety of vulnerable people at risk of injury by Police in the course of their actions.
  16. Environmental Sustainability in retirement villages.


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