COTA Victoria launches 2018 State Election Platform, Promoting opportunities. Protecting rights. For people 50+– Get Involved!

Older people (50+) make up 33.4% of the state population yet the issues that affect older people are not always heard or talked about by our politicians.

Our 2018 State Election Platform, Promoting opportunities. Protecting rights. For people 50+ is calling on the next Victorian Government to listen to the voice of older people across Victoria.

We are asking for:

  • A rural ageing strategy
  • Older workers to be valued, retained and skilled
  • Action on digital exclusion
  • Elder abuse front line services to be supported
  • A Retirement Housing Ombudsman to improve access to justice
  • Equal access to assistive technology for older people
  • Affordable and Fair Homes for Older People
  • Walkable Communities
  • Properly funded Community Transport Program
  • Strengthening care and support in the community
  • Increased funding for public dental services
  • Affordable essential services

COTA Victoria’s purpose is to ensure the voices of older people heard.

You can meet your MP and other candidates and bring these issues to their attention.  Download our full platform here. You can also read the tips on how to set up a meeting with your local MP. We will highlight key issues (and information sheets) on a regular basis in the lead up to the election.

If you would like information from us about particular issues now then please contact us, we are happy to do this in both electronic and hard copy.

Contact Victoria Wells or Donna Swan to let us know what issue you want to campaign on in your local area.

Victoria Wells
T: 9655 2140

Donna Swan
T: 9655 2139

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