About Us

COTA is the primary organisation representing the interests of older Victorians.

COTA (Council on the Ageing) is the primary organisation representing the
interests of older Victorians

Our Vision
A just, equitable and inclusive society in which the human rights of older people are

Our Mission
To advocate for, resource and mobilise older people to create an age‐friendly Victoria

Our Strategic Plan 2015 -18  clearly sets out our work for this period.

Our Values

Fairness We recognise the rights of all older people to be treated equitably and give
priority to those experiencing disadvantage

Participation We promote engagement of older people in social, cultural, political and
economic activities

Dignity We counter age discrimination and encourage respect for the voice and
place of older people in contemporary society

Courage We speak out and show leadership on issues affecting older people ‐ even
when it is unpopular to do so

Partnership We work together with key partners to effectively advance the interests of
older Victorians

Progressive We strive continually to develop our people and processes and review the
organisation for its effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling its vision and

Building on a proud history spanning sixty years, we’re leading the development of an age friendly Victoria.

Join us! COTA membership offers a range of benefits tailored to the needs of older people including insurance, travel and home maintenance. Members enjoy value for money products and services.

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