COTA (Council on the Ageing) is the primary organisation representing the interests of older Victorians.

Our Vision: A just, equitable, inclusive and humane society in which older people live well, with dignity and purpose.

Our Mission: To advocate for, resource and mobilise older people to create an age-friendly Victoria.

Our strategic plan 2013 – 2015 clearly sets out our work for this period.

The five main areas of focus for our work, in summary, are:

1. Evidence & Information: A hub of information, we gather & provide information and advice on issue sof important to seniors. Good information makes for good decisions.

2. Empower & Engage: We work to ensure older people are actively involved in the social, cultural, civic and aconomic activities in their local communities.

3. Advocate & Influence: We consult and engage widely to ensure that the voices of ALL older Victorians are listened to and respected.

4. Internal systems: We create the emchanisms and infrastructure to enable COTA to be effective throughout Victoria.

5. Marketing & Communications: We raise awareness of the needs & issues of older people. We connect people and organisations across the state.

Building on a proud history spanning sixty years, we’re leading the development of an age friendly Victoria.

Join us! COTA membership offers a range of benefits tailored to the needs of older people including insurance, travel and home maintenance. Members enjoy value for money products and services.

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