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Avoid paying extra fees for bills you receive in the mail

Companies may be charging to send your bills by mail – but there are ways to avoid paying extra.

Businesses may charge fees to cover the cost of printing and posting your bill, so the simplest way to avoid charges is to receive your bills electronically – by email or via an app.

Check the company’s website or contact the company to find out how you can change to online billing.

If you are not able to receive bills electronically, find out if you are eligible for an exemption from paper billing fees.

Companies have different rules about when they will give exemptions. Some will give an exemption if customers:

·         are seniors

·         are registered for a concession

·         receive income support

·         are on a hardship program

·         don’t have internet access.

Contact each of your providers and ask if you’re eligible for an exemption from paper bill fees, and how to apply.

If you have friends or family who may be eligible for an exemption, let them know who to contact and how they can apply, so they can avoid paying extra fees for paper bills, too.

If you have checked with a provider that you are eligible for an exemption, but are having trouble getting your exemption processed, contact Consumer Affairs Victoria for assistance on 1300 55 81 81.

For more information about paper billing, visit

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